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Leaders in importation and logistics in Australia since 1887

A Crane Lifting a Container
A Crane Lifting a Container


Spaghetti and pasta from Italy

Olive oils from Italy

Finest Balsamic vinegar from Italy

Frozen Pizzas from Italy

European cheeses and fine Parmesan cheeses from Italy

Frozen seafood from Thailand

Frozen par-bake bread and rolls

Paper kitchen towels, and pocket packs of Handkerchiefs

Wet wipe make up removers and baby wipes

And many more...


Abel Lemon Distribution has dry goods, frozen goods and chilled goods warehousing facilities in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne to ensure efficient logistics and safe handling of products to your warehouse or store.

Food safety is paramount and our COLD CHAIN LOGISTICS provides traceability and a guarantee of correct handling, which is one less thing for you to be worried about.

With a trading history of over 125 years, a network of overseas suppliers, and a modern integrated warehousing and Logistics system, Abel Lemon Distribution is well placed to source and supply the products you need……… to remain competitive in today's fast moving marketplace .

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