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First 100

Realising that there were profits in raw materials, Abel and Lemon established several business's that supplied Tanneries, Metal foundries, and chemicals. Food also including beans, sago, copha, and coconut,


Mr Abel and Mr Lemon saw the major expansions of the company through Federation in 1901, the 1st World War, the Depression years, and 2nd World War


Mr Abel and Mr Lemon saw the practice of goods and materials being exported from Asian countries, India, and Africa,

Abel Lemon pioneered the (then) revolutionary practice of buying direct and chartering their own ships to bring goods faster, and cheaper, DIRECTLY to Australia.


Cocoa from the Gold Coast in Africa.
Olive oil from Malaga in Spain.
Jute and coir from Calcutta in India
Spices from Indonesia

In the 1930's Abel Lemon & Co. began importing Olive Oil, and helped establish the Olive Oil market in Australia,

Mr G.H. Lemon died in 1938 aged 69, and Mr H.M. Abel died in 1957 aged 94.

Following the deaths of Mr Abel and Mr Lemon, the company was listed on the stock exchange, and was ultimately to become part of the Adelaide Steamships business Empire .

At this stage the company was one of the largest Chlorine suppliers in the country

The various divisions of the company were inevitably sold off, following a change of ownership to La Porte, a major U.K. Chemical company.

Today several former divisions still trade and while separately owned now, all were once part of the Abel Lemon and Co. empire

In 1986 the Food Division became Abel Lemon Food Services after a management buyout, and was privatised. By its 100 year centenary in 1987 the company was concentrating mainly on coloured Foil for chocolates, Olive Oils, Spaghetti, Food lines, Onno Behrends health tea, as well as food service oils and catering tinned products.

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